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Video games bring a lot of nostalgic feelings for people these days. Many people grew up playing video games. However, as new generations come, gaming has become more and more advanced. With the growing popularity of video gaming, it’s clear that this is a trend that has no chance of fading away any time soon.


When cleaning your video game discs, be sure to avoid chemical cleaning agents. It’s common for people to use window and glass cleaners if the disc doesn’t seem to be working. However, this can actually cause more damage to the discs. Instead, rub the disc gently using a cloth that is dry and soft.

Shooting games are extremely popular. When you play these games, be sure to know your weapon arsenal very well. Understand how the different weapons work, and what situations they are made for. There is generally no perfect weapon, they all have strengths and weaknesses. But when you understand them, it becomes easy to utilize them to their best.

Prior to buying a video game solver, be sure to go to several different stores. Don’t just look at physical stores, but also look on the internet as well. Video games can vary in prices, especially depending on how new the game may be. If you spend a little extra time, you may be able to find a great deal and save some money.

When purchasing computer games, be sure to check the operating system that the game runs on. Games that are made for Apple computers cannot run on computers that run Windows, and vice versa. This is a mistake that happens quite commonly, as it is easy to overlook. Don’t forget this step, to save yourself a potential headache.

Be sure to take breaks when playing video games. When you are in the same position for too long of a period, you can cause health problems for yourself. Get up and walk or stretch every thirty minutes of game play. This allows you to loosen your body and mind up a bit, and avoid possible cramps, eye strain, and other health issues that may arise.

When you do the same thing over and over, it can take a toll on your body and hands, which is exactly what happens when playing video games. Sometimes, it’s even recommended to take a break every 15 minutes, to prevent such health problems from arising.

If you have video games you deeply enjoy, try inviting family and friends over to join you in the fun. This allows for social interaction, as well as an opportunity to enjoy your game more. Sometimes this even motivates your friends to purchase the game on their own, and you may be able to play the game with each other over the internet, at your own houses.

When at the store looking to purchase a game, talk to the sales clerks. Sometimes they have knowledge about various games and can help you find a game suited for you, or to avoid a game that is not good for you.

Video games can actually be a money saver, by allowing you to enjoy time with your friends, and be entertained without having to leave the house. This is more and more possible these days with the online gaming features that exist, that allow cooperative play, and voice chatting.

While games are very fun, they also may be a challenge, perhaps even annoying. Some games have cheats available to help make it a little easier, which you can easily find on the internet. By simply searching on a search engine, you will generally be able to find the cheats you are looking for.

Avoid purchasing new games on the day they are released. Games can be costly, especially when they first come out, so it may save you some money to wait a couple months before you purchase a new game, as a price drop may occur.

When looking for a video game console, you may be perplexed on what to purchase. Be sure to review all the specifications and features of any game system you look to purchase. Consider what your needs are as a gamer. Make sure of online reviews of these systems. Those reviews can give you a lot of necessary info, so that you don’t waste your time and money on a console that isn’t right for you.

Video gaming is a trend that has no end in sight. They always have been popular, are popular, and will continue to be popular. With the constant advances in technology, they continue to impress. Be sure to keep up with the trends, so that you may continue to enjoy your time spent playing video games, as the future only continues to look better and better!


5 Best Android Puzzle RPG Games

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Battle Odyssey

Free Download

Battle Odyssey

Raise your sail and set out on an exciting and free puzzle-RPG adventure! Explore the fantasy world of Pondera, well beyond the sea and full of magic, yet corrupted by evil at the same time. You can save the land through using your elemental powers. However, you will need to have some brave Allies by your side to take action.

– Form your very own heroic crew.

– Recruit and collect more than 500 Allies that belong to various factions.

– Every single Ally has its own Elemental Affinity, with some having battle ability and unique skills.

Evolve and enhance your Allies in order to see their full power free.

Battle in more than just one way!


Free Download


PixWords is an incredibly interesting and new word puzzle challenge. Available in 22 languages and over 800 levels. Comes with hundreds of pictures and words. A great to expand your vocabulary!

Every word is contained within a crossword puzzle that is hidden inside a picture. Your challenge is to solve as many words as you can.

Once you solve one word, another letter opens up, until the entire puzzle is gradually unraveled. You can use pixword answers english or in other language like french or pixwords în română


Free Download


Draw on over 500 Zeta Mobiles to assemble your very own Unique Squad! Plenty of Zeta Mobiles to choose from with special abilities like Madchen Armor. Also ones with Rare abilities. Take advantage of Captain’s Skill and Battle Ship for confrontations with the Legendary Zetal Mobile well beyond the Universe! Line up as many puzzles as possible, diagonally, horizontally, vertically with 2 Cores or more with the same colors. Attack enemy Zeta Mobiles by using same color Zeta Mobiles as delete Cores. Use high chain combination counts to achieve massive attack damage. Not just Delete Core and Line, but Zeta Mobiles also have Leader Skill and Unique Skill which activates when it is in the Leader role.

Hero Forge

Free Download

Hero Forge

This puzzle RPG is easy to play. Cast spells and match blocks to battle your opponents in an intense series of rounds.

– Fantasy puzzle MMORPG with dungeon quests and PvP battles.

– Three unique classes (Elf Mage, Orc Berserker and Human Paladin).

– Customize your character using armor, weapons and more.

– Perform puzzle combos and skills.

– Achievements and Leaderboards.

– G+ integration

– Over 100 dungeon quests

– Multiplayer via Android Beam

– Have puzzle duels with your friends

– Totally free MMORPG that you don’t have to pay to play

Price: $2.89


This is a Dungeon Crawling Matching RPG Game. Run your dungeon and match in order to handle whatever you encounter.


2012 Best Mobile Exclusive – Game Informer
Best Puzzle Game- 5th Annual Award Best App Ever
GOTY 2012 Pocket Tactics Puzzle

Runner UP

GOTY 2012 Touch Arcade


Puzzle Me This: The Best Puzzle Game Apps

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What makes a great puzzle game for a tablet or smartphone? It needs to be as nimble as you can be with a touchscreen. It has got to be fun, colorful, and have a sufficient concept to make you feel more motivated to move around bobbins and gather coins. They are additionally challenging, and, of course, most of all addictive. It’s not about dropkicking monsters or wearing down your thumbs, but all about applying your wits to just have a great time.

Two Dots


Two Dots, or Dots 2.0, is highly addictive, engaging, and popular. It requires players complete different tasks to earn varying amounts of points for taking care of the dots. What makes this a true-blue and traditional style puzzle game is that it limits the number of moves you can take and has a timer clicking down to mark the end of a round.

There is an inherent reward to completing the different rounds. As you progress in the game, it unlocks additional game features. It provides an appealing display for those who appreciate the aesthetics of a game.

The Weaver


The Weaver is aptly named as gameplay requires that each player match up the ribbon on the screen to its rightful spot. As the boards are revealed, colorful ribbons make and X through the screen.

Once you make the matchups, you are unlocking a new puzzle. What makes it a challenge is not only deciphering what ribbon goes where, but as you touch the ribbons, they change places. For the organizational addict, this is complete fun.

Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop requires that the players make connections to close up a loop. It is akin to plumbing or electrical circuit games. As you work through the puzzle, you tap each part, and it rotates 90 degrees. It becomes increasingly more challenging as you progress through the boards. It is a low-profile and quiet type of game for those who do not want to bother with excessive graphics and bells and whistles that serve to distract and annoy rather than relax the player.

Secret Rule

Secret Rule

For the puzzle and secret society and mystery lover, the Secret Rule was made for you. It combines the allure of coded messages and mysteries along with old spy flicks and word puzzles to create a tantalizing puzzle environment. Secret Rule has it all while maintaining a rather plain look. It provides hints, such as 5 letters, begins with f and ends with h.

It is the type of game that is so simple it is sure to challenge your mind. It is like a mystery in that it requires you backtrack through the steps to solve the puzzles. It is worth downloading and giving it a try to see if it can make it to your new most favorite game apps list.


PixWords is like the name implies, a word puzzle game. The amazing part might be that it is developed for 22 different languages. Now that is dedication, as every language is so very different anyone can appreciate the degree of effort and difficulty that went into creating this puzzle game.

A crossword puzzle hides in the onscreen picture. As you solve words it unlocks a letter until you are rewarded with the unveiling of the whole puzzle. Whether you get far or only get through a few puzzles, it should provide a stimulating challenge for you to solve and hours of entertainment. You can also find hints online for this game like this example pixwordsluseisgr.com

Share the wealth and let your friends know what games you are playing these days.



Choosing The Best Smartphone For Immersive On The Go Gameplay

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With so many smartphones on the market today, it can be difficult to find the one that is going to suit your needs perfectly. This is all the more true for gamers. Mobile gaming has changed a lot over the years and it is no longer a simple game of Pong or Brick Attack! With those changes in gaming have come impressive improvements from smartphones.

We have found three of the best smartphones that are perfect for the gamer on the go.

Microsoft Lumia 735

Microsoft Lumia 735

If you are a gamer you will want to check out this phone as it is all about hooking together Windows® and Xbox® By using the Smartglass App which will turn the Lumina into a second screen you can stay connected with everything that is going on with your Xbox. You will also get extended experiences with games like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Dead Rising 3.

With the release of Windows 10, gamers will have the opportunity to have controls and Game DVR right in the palm of their hands.

The Lumina 735 is best for gamers looking to combine their PC, phone, and Xbox into one element and get an incredible gaming experience.

LG G4™

LG G4™

The LG G4 comes equipped with two features that are going to make gamers fall over themselves to grab this smartphone. The first being it is equipped with an Adreno 418 GPU which is going to give you the ultimate in graphics as well as 3D effects and scenes. This will give you the most realistic looking environments and enemies you have ever seen on a smartphone up to this point.

By combining the enhanced GPU with a brilliant 5.5-inch IPS Quantum Display featuring Quad HD, your games are going to be jumping out of the screen giving you an at-home experience while you are on the go.

The LG G4 is best for gamers who are looking for an in your face gaming device that shows every pixel in a generous capacity.

HTC One M9

HTC One M9

As you know audio is just as important when it comes to realistic gaming. The M9 features impressive dual front speakers that include a built-in amplifier with Dolby surround sound. Also included is HTC BoomSound™ that enables the M9 to deliver 24-bit high definition sound that will immerse gamers into their favorite games on a mobile scale.

The M9 is built for gamers who want to hear the splatter or blood on the ground after an epic shot and unmistakable clarity.



Quantic Dream reveals Detroit For PS4

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Have you heard about the next game from Heavy Rain and Beyond? Perhaps you have? It’s called Detroit and it will soon be out for the PS4. We know this as this news was recently announced at a press conference (Sony Press Conference, Paris).

Most people know about the main character, Kara, who was first seen in a demo in 2012, for Quantic Dream.

Detroit For PS4

The tagline “Become Human” covers what occurs when an android leave the factory to discover life that was not supposed to be seen. This is where the questions “what does it mean to be human?” comes from.

There is a futuristic world ad very real androids that exists together but they are separated in order to serve their creators.

“Kara” was first shown in 2012 as part of a demo for the PlayStation 3. However, during that time, Cage announced that “Kara” wouldn’t be the studio’s next major game — as they were working on Beyond: Two Souls at the time. He said that it was created to show new graphics and performance capture technology.

Cage said they sought to follow what Avatar did by having one full performance where they have everything at the same time. He also said they hoped to show their new performance capture techniques alongside the new engine and then start with production. As such, they developed a short showcase that would let they to test these ideas and technologies. This was how ‘Kara’ was created.

As such, we thought that Kara would not be the next game. It’s hard to know what the studio will create and release next, which is one of the things that the fans like about it. It is the culmination of all aspects of their games that make them unique. It is the story line and the characters, as well as the world in which they are set.


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